I like film because it brings you close to the absurd reality that you might spend a day shooting and not get a single image that you like or that works, and you won’t really know for a few days at least as you wait.

Welcome to Motel Antosha. I.D. is not required, id is essential. We trust you will endure your stay. Comfort is not our priority, simple enjoyment was never the aim…. Don’t be sad as you wander through. Don’t see absence or loss. It’s in the air for sure, sometimes where it is wanted, mostly where it is not. But these rooms are yours to inhabit and reflect upon. — Simon Pegg from the introduction In Case of Fire

In Case of Fire by Anton Yelchin

In Case of Fire

by Anton Yelchin


“I was drawn to photography as an extension of film, and the beauty of film is that it’s a sensuous, fetishistic medium.” — Anton Yelchin

If you want to see some weird shit… certain images I can’t get out of my head. — Chris Pine