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The reason I say I feel lucky is because I do what I do. I think when you love something and you get the opportunity to do it, and consistently do it and be able to play different characters or great people, you feel lucky.

Welcome to a celebration of the life and phenomenal output of the actor, musician, photographer and artist Anton Yelchin. This site will grow continually, with writings and script notes to come.
We hope you’ll be a part of it.

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Now Playing: Love, Antosha. This powerful documentary film, now available digitally on multiple platforms will give you a profound feeling of the power and the gift of the life of Anton Yelchin. Featuring interviews with co-stars, from Chris Pine to Anthony Hopkins, this movie will change you. Read how it affected others here.

Love, Antosha is available starting November 12 on iTunes and other platforms.

Essential Anton

69 Movies and T.V. shows. With such a large body of work, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve put together an “Essential Anton” list, complete with never-before-seen photos from the sets, and an Anton-centric trailer for each. Enjoy the browse. Give your feedback.

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Over 20,000 photographs. Not an endless scroll on a phone, but all on film. Beautifully composed, artfully captured. Daring content. Explore the world through the extraordinary eye of Anton Yelchin.

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“I always have this gnawing desire to create something I agree with emotionally plus the sensation that I know nothing and must learn more.”